The Much Bigger Game is a program that will help you play a bigger game to grow your business. Created by Pierre Marchand, president of PJM Associates, The Much Bigger Game™ is for successful, action-oriented Leaders and Managers, who want to unleash the thrill of extraordinary outcomes, want to own and deliver their vision, and grow a business without limits. 

Today’s business leaders are facing the extraordinary challenges of a competitively volatile marketplace. They understand that playing a ‘small game’ is not going to grow the business at the rate they know is possible, and these same leaders:
     · May have fears of the unknown or a failed vision may be holding them back.
     · They may be worried about losing their competitive advantage.
     · They are not finding innovative solutions to their business problems.
     · They are being reactive instead of pro-active. 
     · They may feel they are being too complacent and feel stuck. 
     · Morale is low.
     · Productivity is low.
     · And they may not have a lot of confidence in the future. 

That’s why we created The Much Bigger Game™ in order to help you
play a much bigger game to grow your business.

We have developed this unique program after working for more than 20 years helping businesses and large global corporations achieve much greater levels of success. We help them understand their current situation and create a powerful vision for their future. Then we look at the roadblocks standing in their way and develop strategies to overcome them.

As a member of our program, you get to unleash the thrill of extraordinary outcomes by learning how to play a much bigger game to grow your business. You have a clear and well-defined vision of the future. You are pro-active. You build strategic relationships with your customers. You set the standard for your competition. Morale is high. Productivity is high. Most importantly, you have a strong sense of confidence in the future. Your growth is limitless and you are playing The Much Bigger Game™.

This unique coaching program includes One-on-One weekly coaching sessions and is supplemented by Customized Learning Sessions (CLS) designed during the coaching calls and delivered to you or your team every 8 weeks.

Our program is powerful and provides the systems and processes required to have the leader achieve results that are completely extraordinary. And,what sets this program apart from the more traditional ‘continuous-improvement’ coaching model is-- Transformational Coaching methods to help create outstanding possibilities and larger than life outcomes in very rapid timeframes.
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